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Skills For Living Your Way

There are a host of interconnected skills that can improve the quality of our relationships and journeys. Relationships are the single and most important part of any kind of success,  because no one can ever do anything good or great by themselves. Our journey of faith is no exception. It always goes faster, easier and better with companions. Some would even argue that it can't go at all without them. 

“Skills for living” is a VERY BIG topic. Hundreds and thousands of books and articles have been written about all of the skills listed below--but don’t be overwhelmed! It’s more useful to know a little bit about some basic ones than it is to be an expert in any single one, because additional skills reinforce and amplify the ones we already have. The skills listed below are commonly identified as being very useful, because they can be learned and practiced together quickly and easily. Clicking each one will take you to a page with a brief overview and Google links to search results that will help you dig deeper if you want to.

Hopefully, you will, because these foundational skills are ones that will help you connect with others, pursue the truth, be less afraid and be more loving and peaceful.

Critical Thinking

Active Listening




Meditation & Prayer