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Curious Your Way

Let's face it: if we don't care about learning new things, seeing new things, or seeing the same things in new ways, then how can we possibly improve our lives? Growth and improvement necessarily mean change. 

Without our own curiosity and opinions, the world—our friends, families, employers, schools, churches, clubs, lifestyles, institutions and governments—will decide our values for us, what is important, good or bad, right or wrong, valuable or worthless. Shouldn't you question? Should you just do what you're told, be dragged along, and accept road rash as a fact of life?

If the purpose of life is separation, delusion, suffering, death and damnation, we already have that covered. But if the purpose of life is to be together, awake, aware and happy, are you? What does that mean? Is it even possible? How?

Start looking around. You should know and be excited by the fact that you have the chance to learn something new that will make your life better every single day! You can be less afraid! You can have deeper, more loving relationships! You can find joy! You can--if you're curious.

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