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Beliefs Your Way

Even though beliefs are not themselves the truth, they are important because they represent our understanding of it. Your beliefs are exactly that: yours—and no one should pressure you to change them—but if you are curious and enjoy learning new things, it's only natural that as your understanding grows, your beliefs will evolve; that's what a spiritual journey—a journey of faith—is all about.

Fortunately, there are lots of useful tools to help us consider the truths of the seen and unseen worlds—models, symbols & vocabularies that represent the ideas, ethics and strategies we can learn in order to live well. Some approaches might be better at revealing some things than others, or might work better than others for certain people. So there is no reason not to look at some different ideas to see which ones, alone or in combination, deepen your understanding. Looking at the same truth using different models can be a great way to validate and refine our beliefs and reinforce our understanding, as well as to help us identify opportunities for personal spiritual exploration and growth.

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